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Jerry Says This Team is The Best Since the Triplets



    Training camp is a time for eternal optimism in the NFL, when players and fans alike are free to daydream of Super Bowl glory months down the road. But there’s a fine line between optimism and needless overhyping. Do you, fair Cowboys fan, think Jerry Jones knows the difference? No, he does not. No, in the Double J’s hands, the preseason is a time for OVERBURDENING YOUR YOUNG TEAM WITH CRUSHINGLY LOFTY EXPECTATIONS.

    Jones gave a a radio interview Tuesday with 1310 The Ticket, and he was asked if this Cowboys team was the most talented Cowboys team since the mid-90’s Super Bowl heyday. A reasonable owner might take this opportunity to tamper expectations, to stress that his young team needs to focus and work hard to achieve their long range goals. Now here is what an unreasonable owner would say:


    On paper, I would. I thought the team, two years ago, was the best team that I’ve ever been associated with that didn’t win a Super Bowl or the national championship. But the one two years ago was the best one; this one is better then that team on paper.

    Now, I don’t think Jones is being out of line when he says this team is wildly talented. Most people agree this Cowboys team is talented enough to win a Super Bowl, and plenty of people will pick them to do just that, conveniently forgetting Wade Phillips is still the coach. That said, why do this? Why feed into the needless hype surrounding your team when they’ve yet to prove they can make the Super Bowl? It’s stupid to ever declare a team is fantastic “on paper”. Nothing that looks good “on paper” ever works out the way it ought to. Take it from someone who’s assembled crap from IKEA. Superiority on paper is A LIE.

    I’m sure the Double J thinks it’s a great motivating ploy to puff up his team, but how many times have you been angry at this team for seemingly buying their own hype? Hell, Roy Williams has spent an entire CAREER doing this. These guys don’t need extra swagger, I assure you. If anything, they could use a lesson in humility, perhaps a wooden switch to the backside. But noooo. No, Jerry has to go and say they’re the most talented team in over a decade. Way to give them big heads, fella. Why don’t you predict they’ll cure cancer while you’re at it?