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Jones Reaffirms Williams' No.1 Status



    With everyone else in the greater Dallas area discussing the Tony Romo-Roy Williams connection, or lack thereof, owner Jerry Jones took time to weigh in on Tuesday, on his weekly radio show on 105.3 The Fan, fairly predictably reiterating his belief in his last big signing.

    This, to Jones' credit was no chauvinist screed, as he said that Williams and Romo share blame in this regard, while lauding their respective attitudes.

    "I think that both of them are really very accurate in what they're saying about room for improvement but all the room in the world to improve," Jones said. "Tony's thrown some balls that only Roy Williams even had a chance to catch and then Roy's dropped some balls and mis-run some routes.

    "But the bottom line is that they both have the greatest attitude, working, really, to get it right. As long as you've got that, you'll get it right and I know everyone noticed Roy Williams out in front, leading on some of those other receptions and some of those other runs out there."

    Jones also responded to the near-unanimous belief that Miles Austin, rather than Williams, is the Cowboys' true no. 1 receiver, a belief that pervaded the announcer's booth last Sunday, as Austin posted better numbers than Williams once more. But Jerry is no waffler, for good or ill, and thus, when asked about the announcers' remarks, Jerry shot the idea down quickly.

    "I did [hear them], and what's neat about this stuff is we have a quarterback who can get them the ball to them if they're the fifth receiver, just to be a little sarcastic about it," Jones continued. "But the real world is, Roy Williams is...They call it the X receiver out there, and Roy Williams, that's his position. That's what he can do and do best and he's got excellent skill.
    "We're going to maximize this and it's good to know we have this for the future, and this year."