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Jones: Ellis Return "Not Unrealistic"



    James Williams, the agent representing former Dallas Cowboys' linebacker Greg Ellis, recently said that his client was open to returning to the team that drafted him in 1998, even if that meant coming off the bench behind Anthony Spencer. Williams also said that money was not a pressing issue. That is, the message to the Cowboys was clear enough.

    Given Dallas's reticence thus far in free agency, a potential deal is not likely in the near future. But when asked about a possible return, owner and general manager Jerry Jones wouldn't dismiss the idea, effectively echoing Ellis' sentiments.

    "That's not unrealistic," Jones said, per ESPNDallas. "That's the best way to say that. It's not unrealistic thinking on his part or in my mind, I think that's best left unsaid."

    Since both parties seem at least open to the possibility, the question must be begged: would Ellis returning to Dallas be a good thing?

    The 34-year-old was a sometimes-malcontent in Dallas, but the greatest causes for complaint for Ellis--money and playing time--are purportedly no longer issues at all. Then, one must wonder, would a reunion be a detriment to Anthony Spencer?

    If indeed Ellis would be content in Dallas as a third down pass-rusher--and, of course, if the price is right--Spencer's ongoing development might be Dallas's only lingering concern with respect to the unrestricted free agent Ellis; if all this is true, Ellis could give the position some experience, alongside Brandon Williams and Victor Butler--rookies in 2009--and Steve Octavien--a sophomore last year.

    As of now, the Cowboys can only try to determine how big these 'ifs' really are.