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Jones Bringing Kiffin Back in 2014



    Maybe there is something to be said for continuity, and it's a legitimate reason for why the Dallas Cowboys might consider keeping Monte Kiffin as their defensive coordinator after a historically terrible defensive season in 2013.

    To put things in perspective, in Kiffin's first season as the Cowboys defensive coordinator, the team allowed 27 points per game and more than 415 yards of offense per game. And yes, it's an 85-yard difference, but Bill Belichick saw his team allow 500 yards of offense for the first time EVER on Sunday against the Broncos. Let that sink in. First time ever vs. 415 yards per game over 16 games.

    Turning over would be an indication of chaos after inexplicably firing Rob Ryan last year, and if Kiffin was fired, the Cowboys would be looking for their seventh defensive coordinator in nine years. So yes, that would probably scream chaos, but after last season, it might be OK.

    In talking to The Dallas Morning News at the Senior Bowl, Jerry Jones had an odd way of reasoning the decision.

    "I had a guy tell me one time how to be successful, that no human can be right over 50 percent of the time on any decision, but it's the ones that cut the bad ones off quick and let the good ones run long," Jones said, per The Dallas Morning News. "That's hard to do. That's hard to accept. We all know that adage of the gold miner who walked away and the other one who took one more swing, hit the pick and found the gold streak, and so you don't want to quit."

    Um, OK.

    To make matters worse, Jones uttered the following quote, which pretty much tells you the problem in Valley Ranch — a problem that will be there until Jerry is no longer there. And I think we all know what has to happen for Jerry to no longer be there.

    When asked if he had to sell the idea of bringing Kiffin back to Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett, Jones said the following.

    "I don't have to sell anything at all," Jones said.

    There's your problem.