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Jerry's Content With Receiving Corps



    According to comments made recently, Cowboys owner/ general manager/ big cheese Jerry Jones is perfectly content with the current look of the team's receiving corps.

    "We've got some receivers, enough where if I left the draft without a receiver, I'd sleep like a baby," Jones said.

    Of course, this may be completely untrue.

    Tim MacMahon at recently devoted a post to recapping Jerry's history of mendacity with respect to that position in particular, and it reads like a solid case for never believing anything the owner says with respect to personnel, regardless of context or conviction--in fact, this is essentially the conclusion MacMahon draws.

    Miles Austin, who went from no. 3 receiver to Sports Illustrated cover boy in around 12 weeks, seems a capable no. 1 receiver, giving the position a nice sheen in retrospect. But what of the rest of the unit? Will Kevin Ogletree continue to develop and provide Austin a field-stretching counterpart? Can Roy Williams bounce back from a 2009 season that could be accurately described as brutal? Where does Patrick Crayton fit in?

    The questions, behind Austin, abound, which seems to fly in the face of Jones' easy contentedness.

    Whether or not Dallas will target a receiver this off-season will remain unclear--to everyone but Jones, that is--until draft day. For now, the question is, are you, John or Jane Q. Cowboys-Fan content with the receiving corps as it stands today?

    Yours in the comments.