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Jerry Wants You (To Get Angry)



    Jerry Jones asked for what he already has today, in an appearance on 105.3 The Fan. Namely, the ire of Dallas Cowboys fans. A 13-year playoff drought and an increasing penchant for underachieving will do that, huh?

    Speaking to Richie Whitt and Blue-Star and NBCDFW's own Newy Scruggs, the owner and general manager said that he likes the fan-born fury that comes, like clockwork, after losses.

    "I knew when we walked out of Denver with that loss that we were in for a rough week," Jones said. (How insightful.) "But I can assure you that one thing I don't want is apathy. I want people highly pissed when we're not playing satisfactorily, and that's the case right now."

    Highly pissed, eh?

    Well, between his franchise player struggling to hit wide-open receivers, his former wunderkind offensive coordinator making bad playcalling standard procedure, and a number one receiver standing on the outside of the league's top 80 in terms of catches, well, I don't think Jerry has to worry much about that one.