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Jerry The GM Isn't Going Anywhere



    There are a great deal of fans in Dallas who think Jerry Jones is a good owner. This is not without reason; Jones have proven, through his twenty odd years here that he will spare no expense to put a winner on the field, year in and year out. The only trouble is, just as many people, and probably more, are more miffed by his general managing than they are enthused by his pecuniary support.

    Those who see Jerry as a terrible GM (read: most people, not including Jerry), see the oil man slipping into Al Davis-esque senility, much to their collective terror. Watching the Raiders play football this year (ahem, JaMarcus Russell), it's not hard to understand why.

    But it seems there's no need to actively fret over something that we've known to be an inevitability for a long time; and if you had forgotten just how firm Jerry's iron claw is wrapped around the reins of the Dallas Cowboys Football Club, and in turn, Cowboys nation, an appearance by the owner this morning on 105.3 The Fan's Jagger Show will serve as an equally firm reminder.

    About halfway through the interview, Jagger asked, in polite tones, if Jones would ever consider hiring a coach/GM or even--as crazy as it sounds--just a GM.

    "No," Jerry said. And that was it, for about ten seconds which, in radio time, equals roughly a couple hours. No explanation offered, but then, when you're that wealthy, I guess none is needed. Jones did go on to offer a little more, but it was obvious he was peeved at the idea alone.

    Jagger said that he'd argue that point, and Jerry cut him off. "Well we don't need to argue.

    "The reason that motivates me to do the kinds of things we do on a positive basis, is just that. I don't have anything that I don't manage. I just don't."