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Jerry Reaffirms Allegiance To Wade, Celine Dion



    There's no accounting for taste, and there's only a slight amount of accounting for the machinations of a man as ultra-wealthy as Jerry Jones.

    Uncle Jerry hammered this point home, as he was Michelle Tafoya's guest on SportsCenter's Sunday Conversation segment this week, complete with his signature I'm-wealthy-and-successful grin, and increasingly signature interest in the overpriced musical stylings of one Celine Dion.

    Asked how one goes about purchasing a center-hung videoboard that weighs roughly the amount of a fully grown African elephant (that's about 36 giant pandas), Jerry said, "You go to Las Vegas--seriously."

    Delving into the birth of the idea, which would later birth the JerryTron (presumably by a very necessary caesarean section), Jerry expanded on a thought that he touched on this preseason in a televised stadium tour with Fox's Curt Menefee--namely, it's all Celine Dion's fault.

    "I was watching Celine Dion, and I went into a theatre there, and she had a great show," Jerry said, seriously calling his sanity into question. "But in behind her was this Mitsubishi digital board. And when I left out of there, I certainly had seen her, but I'd also seen that board, and I couldn't figure out which one I'd seen; all I know is I saw a heck of a show.

    "So I thought, how might that work if you put it right down the center of the field?"

    Concerning a matter patently more important than the lingering effects of a Celine Dione Vegas-show, Jerry remained firmly in the corner of head coach Wade Phillips--not surprising in the least, really, considering that Jerry sided with Wade at a time when the city of Dallas as a whole wanted to chase him from the city with pitchforks and torches--namely, last December.

    "I've never thought about not having him as our coach," Jones said.  "He certainly is the man for the job relative to our defense. I have an option, number one, and don't discuss certainly at this time of the year our coaches' contract, especially the head coach's contract.

    "I'd like for him to win his first Super Bowl as a head coach as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, and that might take more years than this year to do it."