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Jerry Jones Trusts Romo Will Rebound



    It's the week after a bad Tony Romo game and that means it is open season for conversations about the shortcomings of the Cowboys quarterback. 

    One guy who isn't put off by Romo's performance is Jerry Jones. That should come as no surprise given recent word of interest in a contract extension, but Jones decided to make it clear that he thinks better days are ahead for Romo.

    "I like where we are with Romo at quarterback,” Jones said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “No one learns more from his experiences than Tony. This time last year with Detroit in the fourth game, point noted. He came back and never played better. I think the Detroit game had something to do with that.  If we can get the same kind of response he had last year when he had a downer. If he can come back and do that we will be fine.

    This is the part we're supposed to snicker, slap our knee and say that ol' Double J has gone off the reservation again. How could Romo be good at learning from experiences if he keeps making the same mistakes? Guffaw, guffaw.

    Jerry's not wrong about betting on Romo to bounce back, though. 

    Every year we go through this thing with Romo where we talk about what he needs to do to get better, discuss whether he can win a Super Bowl and a dozen other related topics while dancing around the elephant in the middle of the room. At 32 and with six years as a stater under his belt, it is time to finally accept that the Romo you have is the Romo you're always going to have. 

    He is going to have games like the one against the Bears and the one against the Lions a few times every season. He is also going to have games like the one against the Giants in Week One and last year's 49ers game a few times every season. The rest will run somewhere along the spectrum. 

    This is not a criticism. Not a big one anyway. If you don't have one of the four or five best quarterbacks in the game, you have two choices of how to go at the position. You can go for a game manager or you can go for a Romo/Jay Cutler-type who could wind up winning or losing things for you every week.

    The first option is safer, but it doesn't leave you with a guy who can win a game if the moment should arise. The second option is the one the Cowboys have decided on with Romo and it is a path that's been obvious for quite a while at this point and time.

    Reacting to every swing in performance as if it represents some kind of new reality is good for conversation, but it ignores the fact that nothing has really changed with Romo. There's a very good chance that he rebounds with a huge game in Week Six and a an equally good chance that he stinks up the joint again in Week 13. 

    Neither one is some new normal. It's just the old normal repeating itself.