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Jerry Jones Should Stay Off the Sideline



    We should all be thankful to Jerry Jones for inserting himself into the middle of Saturday's loss to the Eagles.

    If it wasn't for Jones' trip to the sideline for an animated discussion with Jason Garrett after Tony Romo's injury, the game wouldn't have produced a single compelling talking point. Thanks to the Giants' win in New Jersey, it was an anticlimactic affair with few highlights. The Eagles were eliminated, the Cowboys would have to win in Week 17 to win the division and no one really seemed to care all that much about the outcome.

    So, thanks to Double J for keeping things moderately interesting. That's about all we can thank him for, though.

    Jones said that he went to the Cowboys sideline after checking up on Romo in the locker room. He said that he wanted to convey information about Romo's status to Garrett -- isn't that what trainers are for? -- and wanted to tell Garrett that he didn't think Romo should be going back into a game that meant nothing to the Cowboys.

    If that's true, he also should have fired Garrett on the spot.

    Seriously. If Jones doesn't trust his coach enough to make decisions about what's best for the team all by himself, there really isn't any reason that Garrett should be the head coach. He should be the offensive coordinator and Jones should just name himself head coach for life.

    Surely Garrett is intelligent enough to understand that there was nothing to gain by playing Romo once he was hurt and the Giants were victorious. This seems like the kind of thing that would be decided long before the Cowboys took the field on Saturday and, if it wasn't, that's all the more reason why Jones should find a different head coach.

    We're not actually advocating a coaching change, of course. There's no reason to believe Garrett was putting Romo back into the game nor is there any reason to believe that Jones actually went to the field to make sure that Romo was done for the day.

    He was down there to get his face on camera and, as a byproduct, tell the world who really runs the Cowboys. That doesn't do much to help Garrett look like anything other than hand puppet, but history tells us Jones doesn't much care about things like that.

    It also tells us that Jones' self-aggrandizing behavior doesn't do a thing to help the Cowboys win which makes it hard to understand why Jones insists on doing things that way.



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