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Jerry Jones Picks A Winner



    Jerry Jones Picks A Winner
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    Cameras catch the Cowboys owner digging for gold.

    You know, when you have $1.2 billion lying around, you can pretty much do as you please. You can build a giant stadium that blots out the sun. You can hire cage dancers. You can lock people out. And, of course, you can pick your nose in the luxury box.

    Yep, that there is the Double J enjoying the game and digging a bat out of his cave. You have to admire the man’s moxie. When you’re the owner of a new stadium on opening night, it’s a fair bet that a camera will be on you at all times. BUT JERRY JONES IS TOO RICH AND TOO POWERFUL TO GIVE A DAMN.

    My question is, did he wipe the booger on the floor? I would. If I owned the place, I’d wipe the booger on the floor and tell a valet to vacuum it up immediately. And I’d MURDER anyone else who dared try and wipe a booger on my luxury box. It’s MY luxury box. Only I get to pick my nose in it. That’s the true benefit of being rich and powerful in America. It means you can get away with picking a car out of your garage, or fleecing taxpayers, or murdering a truckload of migrant landscapers.

    Anyway, Jerry looks quite adept at getting picks here. Perhaps next time, he could give lessons to Mike Jenkins, Bradie James, and Anthony Spencer.

    [Vid courtesy Sports Rubbish.]