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Jerry Goes Jay Walking



    With a quiet trade deadline come and gone, Jerry Jones needed some excitement. So he did what any billionaire oil man turned autocratic football owner with a new stadium would do--he went on NBC's Jay Leno Show to discuss, among other topics, breasts from coast to coast.

    "Spice is nice," Jones said, responding to Leno's (three-month out of date) question about his players dating celebrities--and who could possibly disagree with that. This would be a recurring theme.

    Leno followed up with a question about the difference between women in LA and women in Arkansas, complete with a built-in joke about fake breasts and fake diamonds--the assumption being that women in Arkansas had real breasts and fake diamonds and women in LA have real diamonds and fake jugs. Haha, regional differences.

    But not so says Jerry, who, with a lascivious grin, pointed out that Arkansas is (a) the "Natural State," (B) "The Land of Opportunity" and (C) the only state in the continental US to produce diamonds.

    The height of the interview, though, probably came when Leno, with another long-stale question, asked about Jones' initial reaction when A.J. Trapasso dinged his fancy new television this preseason.

    "Hey, you're not at a fair trying to win some teddy bear for your girlfriend," Jerry said, as he danced a jig on a dead horse. "Let's  pull back a little and kick like you're going to kick in the ballgame rather than trying to hit the screen."