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Jerry Comfortable With Romo 5-Year Window



    Jerry Comfortable With Romo 5-Year Window
    Tony Romo smiles as he and Jerry Jones sign his six-year contract extension.

    For a couple of years now, people have been wondering when the Dallas Cowboys and owner/GM Jerry Jones are going to bring in a young quarterback to groom to eventually replace Tony Romo.

    Never was that thought more prevalent than heading into the 2014 season with Romo coming off multiple back surgeries while being clouded with uncertainty in terms of his health and preparation.

    All Romo did was have the best year of his career and lead the Cowboys to the brink of playing in the NFC Championship with more than 3,700 passing yards, 34 touchdowns and just nine interceptions. He led the NFL in completion percentage and quarterback rating in the regular season, edging out Aaron Rodgers. It was Romo at his finest, and now Jones says he expects to have that for a bit longer than you might expect from Romo, who's 34 years old.

    Speaking at the NFL combine, Jones told reporters he is operating with the idea of a five-year window for Romo playing effectively. The general thought around here is that Romo is operating on about a three-year window, and while five years isn't out of the realm of possibility, it seems a bit extreme to be operating under that premise.

    “I’m not going to look into the crystal ball with you and tell you he’s not going to have down days over the next five years — I can’t do that,” Jones told reporters. “But I can tell you I’m comfortable, and I’m going to make decisions based on him being here.”

    The Cowboys need Romo to continue to produce at such a high level, as he's scheduled to make $17 million in 2015 and count an eye-popping $27.8 million against the Cowboys' 2015 salary cap.