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Jerry Calls For More Felix



    Jerry Jones has a fever. And the only prescription is more Felix Jones.

    The owner said on Thursday that he favored getting the ball to Jones more often in order to utilize his play-making abilities, his burst, or, as Jerry might call it, his "special skill."

    "I certainly understand balance, and I understand how that compromises the defense and keeps them honest, but I'd sure like to see the ball in the hands of the player, where the speed is and where the play-making ability is," Jones said. "All of those are almost cliches when you say them, but I'd like to see him with the ball more.

    "We need to get him in situations outside, or where he has a little space, and we'll see some of that. It's not a frustrating thing. It's a tactical thing."

    Jerry said that, according to coaches and the team's medical staff, there should be no pervasive health issues moving forward for the second-year running back, who is averaging 6.9 yards per carry on the season. Although some have noticed a palpable decrease in Jones' typical explosiveness, Jerry says it is still there, that it shows through in practice.

    "The reason that's not an issue in my mind is, I know first-hand what our coaches and trainers see him do out here, and that's very much on par with anything he's been since he's been here," Jones said. "I see him use that skill he's got and that's what it is, burst, I see him use that at practice.

    "I don't think there's an injury issue at all."