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Jay Z, Eminem Have a Fan In Jerry



    Despite making the occasional egregious show of wealth (see: Cowboys Stadium) and not really caring what anyone thinks of him--two pillars of the hip hop genre--Jerry Jones' name isn't exactly synonymous with rap music, contemporary or otherwise. But apparently, Jay Z's presence  in Dallas last week for NBA All-Star festivities put a bee in Jerry's bonnet.

    Now--whether inspired by an innate love for hip hop (doubtful) or a love of making money (probable) or both--the owner is talking about a potential stadium show for H to the Izzo and or Eminem, both of whom are Cowboys fans.

    Eminem visited JerryWorld in December to watch Dallas take on San Diego. Jones gave Mr. Mathers a tour of the stadium, and the rapper was seen buddying up with Jones and Tony Romo on the sidelines before kickoff.

    "We, of course, are great fans and were tickled to death to have that kind of interest," Jones said of Eminem. "I believe he was thinking of how it would sound in there [during the tour] for him to be involved [for a concert]."

    Jones spent time with Jay (and co-host LeBron James) at the "Two Kings Dinner and Afterparty" last weekend.

    "Those are the kinds of stars or the kinds of individuals that people are so interested in seeing," Jones said of Eminem and Jay Z, per MTV.com. "We've got a venue there that can show them and their skills and talent. We could put a crowd in there to watch them."