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Report: Jerry Jones Pushing for More Changes



    The Cowboys were home watching the playoff games this weekend, so there's a chance they might have seen Chris Mortensen of ESPN reporting that Jerry Jones is pushing more more changes on the coaching staff.

    In a shift that would mirror the one made by hiring Monte Kiffin to run the defense. Mortensen reported that Jones wants Jason Garrett to give up play calling duties on offense. Garrett's rise to this job was all about his ability to run an offense, but the persistence of talk about bringing in someone else for the role is either going to lead to his departure or his acceptance of the move. 

    Predicting the effect changing a play caller would bring is difficult, but it certainly couldn't hurt to have other voices in the mix. The same is true on the personnel front, although we don't suspect Double J will be asking Double J to relinquish any of his duties. 

    Mortensen also reported that Jones also may be asking Garrett to fire his brother John, who serves as the team's tight ends coach. According to the report, John Garrett has already started calling contacts around the league about jobs because he thinks his brother is going to fire him. 

    That suggests Garrett is willing to go along with whatever Jones wants to do this offseason. Garrett would have every reason to do this from a self-preservation standpoint because it generally isn't a great idea to tell your boss that his notions are out of whack. 

    At some point, though, this starts to feel like setting the groundwork for a future coaching change as much as it is an attempt to fix legitimate issues with the way the football team has performed in the last couple of years.

    If you don't like the offense or the defense, how could you like the guy who is in charge of anything? It would be like going to see a movie that featured a boring story, stilted performances and overexposed film before nominating the director for an Oscar. 

    Either Garrett's the coach or he isn't. Time for Jerry to decide.