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"I've Got My Opinion, You've Got Yours" Choice on Vick Autograph



    Cowboys running back Tashard Choice said Wednesday that all the media attention surrounding his request for an autograph from Philadelphia quarterback Michael Vick has ruined a Christmas surprise.

    During a post-practice interview with the media Wednesday, Choice said the attention has "messed up my doggone surprise for my little nephew for Christmas."

    If you've somehow missed it, in full view of NBC cameras and before a national audience, Choice walked over to Vick Sunday night after the Cowboys 30-27 home loss to the much-hated Eagles and handed him a white glove and a black marker.  The two barely exchanged pleasantries, hardly glanced at each other, and then went back to their respective teams after Vick scribbled his John Hancock.

    The request and signing became a topic of debate all week.  Even if it probably shouldn't have.

    Choice added that his teammates had no issue with him getting the autograph and that his fellow running backs knew more than a week before the game that he planned to get the embattled QBs sig.

    Still, he apologized, first on Twitter and then Wednesday in front of the media, so that his teammates who didn't know his plan wouldn't mistake his intentions.

    "I don't like negative attention to the Cowboys, period. That's something I don't like to do. That's why ... I apologized, mainly to my teammates, so they'll know. So they won't say, 'Aw, What'd he do?' You know, 'cause they didn't have no idea. But once they understood, that was cool," said Choice.

    Most fans we heard from via Twitter or Facebook agreed the autograph was really no big deal -- though there were a few who said he should have done his hounding of Vick off the field and out of sight.  Others said that they just didn't like that it was Vick's autograph he wanted ... end of story.

    Maybe a fair point, maybe not.  Either way, Vick is having an incredible season and will likely be the NFC's starting quarterback in the Pro Bowl -- both factors that make his autograph a valuable, sought after item.  Both also are to the chagrin of those who decry his even being allowed to play in the league after his 2007 felony conviction for running a brutal dog-fighting operation.

    Either way, Choice said no one cares more about winning than he does and neither the fans, or the media, should interpret his autograph seeking as him being less than focused on his task come kickoff.

    "I play. See what I'm saying? And, I give all, everything I got, for 60 minutes. That's it. If you got something to say, cool. Be in the NFL. Play," Choice said. "But that's cool, you've got your opinion, I've got mine. I know I didn't mean nothing by it.  It was all innocent."

    Agreed, Tashard.  Now maybe we can all finally put this one to rest.

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