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It's A Cold Day In Kansas City



    It's never too early for a "must win" game. And that's exactly what the Dallas Cowboys are facing today against the Dallas Texans . I mean the Kansas City Chiefs, who are wearing their Dallas Texan throwback uniforms.

    It's actually a great week for the Chiefs to wear the great state of Texas logo on their helmets. They're 0-4, have really lost hope, and are coached by former Cowboys assistant Todd Haley.

    And this isn't exactly Dallas weather, kickoff temperatures are going to hover around 38-degrees which may play factor.

    For the Cowboys in an answer back week, they shouldn't have lost to the Broncos last Sunday. But they did. And the pressure is right back on Wade Phillips, Tony Romo and Jason Garrett.  It would ease a little pain heading into the bye week with a convincing win. However, no Roy Williams and no Felix Jones means no real big play threats. It should be interesting to see how this thing plays out for the Cowboys offense.

    My fearless prediction: Cowboys 23 Chiefs  10