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Is It Time To Fire Wade?



    I grew up a Cowboys fan.  Die-hard fan.  I lived for the Cowboys. Once you start to cover the team that fades.  You get to know too much.

    I know plenty of Cowboys fans who think Wade Phillips does not deserve to coach America's Team and now Tim Cowlishaw of the Dallas Morning News writes Jerry Jones should can his head coach.

    Cowlishaw blasts the Cowboys effort in his column:

    The right thing now would be to remove Phillips during the bye week and give offensive coordinator Jason Garrett – the one-time heir apparent whose career has been a roller coaster ride since 2007 – the final 11 games to see if he can create a sense of urgency as head coach.

    I have my doubts since this club is so far removed from real accountability, but it's worth a shot. In fact, if Jones wants to keep that playoff winless streak from reaching 13 years, it's his only chance.

    The fact that the Cowboys actually won, 26-20, against the winless Chiefs should not be a deciding factor. The Cowboys broke all the rules regarding letting a bad team hang around, making poor plays and turnovers to help a bad team, committing atrocious, inexplicable penalties at all the worst times.

    Have you ever seen a Defense at any level called for offside five times in one half? That includes four times in seven plays, all by different players.

    The Cowboys' current head coach-defensive coordinator said he wasn't sure what was happening, which came as no real surprise.