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Is Dez Bryant Already Broke?



    Cowboys wideout Dez Bryant has already gotten nearly $3 million from Jerry Jones' pocketbook. But it appears that $3 million isn't a lot of money when you're buying lots and lots of jewelry and forgetting to pay for some of it. The Star Telegram is reporting that Bryant's legal issues may already necessitate a new contract:


    According to a source, Bryant's problems won't be completely solved until he earns more money or signs a new contract.

    Bryant faced two lawsuits in the spring seeking more than $850,000 from the Dallas Cowboys receiver. One of the suits was settled, but one is alive in Tarrant County.

    Just to reiterate, it took Bryant all of one year to throw away $3 million. MORE than $3 million, considering that he's somehow now indebted to people. Now maybe this whole mess has caused Bryant to see the error of his spendthrift ways. But if you're the sort of person who randomly drops $850,000 on jewelry, which is an inherently needless expense, you probably lack the facilities needed to become a wise spender overnight. The problem with this situation is that is almost certainly will rear its ugly head somewhere down the line.

    Bryant isn't going to be a good soldier like DeSean Jackson if he outperforms his contract this season. The second he vaults into the top tier of NFL wideouts (and he certainly has the ability to do so), he'll hold out for an unreasonable sum. And if the Cowboys give it to him, who's to say he won't turn right around and waste it all again, and then some? You can already see Bryant becoming a perpetual splitting headache down the road.

    So savor this season, Cowboys fans. Enjoy Dez Bryant's ascent. Because at some point, this will become a very tortured and acrimonious relationship, if is hasn't come to that already.