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Irvin: "It's Been A Horrific Ordeal"



    An emotional Michael Irvin expressed anger Friday over a recent allegation of sexual assault and contentment with the decision of South Florida prosecutors to not pursue any criminal charges.

    "This has been the very thing that I've so tried to avoid," said Irvin. "I have worked very hard, and I have tried to avoid this very thing. In the past, when I've been wrong, I've been honest about being wrong... And when I said I wasn't there, and I said I wasn't there, the facts proved that out later also... It's just been a horrific ordeal. And I was put in a very difficult situation."

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    "I am so pleased that trained investigators concluded that what she claimed occurred never happened. It never happened," he said.

    The Broward County State Attorney's office said Wednesday that it would not pursue criminal charges, citing a lack of medical evidence as well as multiple inconsistencies in the woman's account.

    Irvin's attorney, Larry Friedman, has called the charges a "civil extortion plot" and filed a $100 million countersuit against the accuser earlier this month.

    Irvin spoke publicly about the incident for the first time Friday, but declined to take any questions from the press.

    The alleged assault occurred in July 2007 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Fla. The woman filed a civil suit with the Broward County Circuit Court on Feb. 4 of this year, seeking damages, the details of which are unknown.

    Friedman said that he plans on moving forward with the countersuit and hinted that a lawsuit against ESPN for wrongful termination may be imminent, as well. The network fired Irvin on Feb. 5, a day after the accuser filed suit.

    Conversely, Irvin praised the NFL Network, who retained him in the face of the allegations.

    "The NFL Network exhibited the very fabric that this country is built on," Irvin said. "That's the presumption of innocence."