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If The Cowboys Screw Up This Division, You Can Fire Tony Romo



    Did you see the Giants play last night? And by "play," I mean, "pour kerosene onto themselves and eat a handful of whipper snappers"? Oh, my goodness gracious. They were so helpless, Jaws and Gruden were already deep into their unbearable "HEH HEH WHAT CAN YOU SAY ABOUT DREW BREES HEH HEH" routine before the end of the first half.

    Those of you terrified of the idea that the Cowboys could fold in December should take comfort in the fact that the NFC East is self-immolating around them. The Giants have now lost three games in a row. And it's worth noting that the Giants have just as dubious a recent late-season history as Tony Romo and the gang. They lost three of four to close out the 2009 season, and they lost two of three to miss the playoffs last season. Now they're in another tailspin, and they have the freakin' Packers next on their death march into oblivion.

    But that's not all! The Eagles are ALSO performing ritual seppuku before our very eyes, with Vince Young giving the ball away for free and DeSean Jackson dropping every pass thrown his way. Oh, it's a majestic sight to see. Andy Reid's finest moment, really. The Cowboys should pay Juan Castillo a bonus.

    Then we have the Redskins, who lost six in a row before pulling one out of their backside against the Seahawks. Unfortunately for them, they get the Jets and Pats in consecutive weeks coming up, and I know Rex Grossman's pants are bursting at the idea of all the sexy turnovers he can produce against those two teams.

    That leaves your Cowboys as the only mildly competent team left in the division. Dallas is now in sole possession of first place in the division, and by the end of next weekend, they should have a commanding two-game lead over the Giants before they meet for the first time. Everything is going is going the Cowboys way. They're on track for a home playoff game and all they have to do is NOT BE STUPID.

    That's the key now, isn't it? The Cowboys have spent the past three weeks just barely squeaking by lame competition, and they've found themselves at the top of the mountain because of it. But there's always that sense that they can go into full meltdown mode at a moment's notice. For that to happen in a division this forlorn would take an act of EXTRAORDINARY incompetence, a collapse so breathtaking that you know everything must be burned down and built back up again. Everything has been set up for Dallas to succeed this month. If they can't, then something is fundamentally flawed. Cross your fingers.