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Hurd: Undefeated Season Is Possible



    Like presumably everyone in Dallas' locker room yesterday, reporters approached Sam Hurd with a question about Emmitt Smith's remarks on The Herd, Colin Cowherd's ESPN Radioprogram yesterday, in which he said that, realistically, Dallas could win seven games this season.

    Hurd approached the question with reverence for the rushing great, but begged to differ slightly in his prognostication.

    "Like you said, that's a prediction," said Hurd. "That's their guess. That's their thought. I can't look at it like, 'Hey, that's where we're going,' I can't get mad at him. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I'm just going to go out there, as well as the team is going to go out there, and try to win more than what he said."

    Asked for a prediction, Hurd laughingly suggested that the team could go undefeated.

    "I say undefeated," Hurd answered, laughing, "but, you know, that's just a prediction."

    Judging by his body language, this first comment was only maybe half-serious. However, when another reporter asked him to clarify, one got the impression that Hurd was a little bit more serious than he might've let on at first.

    "Yeah, I believe so," Hurd said in response. "I think we can, I don't see why not. We almost done it with the 13-3 season, same coach, same team, just have a couple players gone now. I think we've improved and I think we're coming together as a unit, offense, defense and special teams, so I think we can get it done."