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Holley: This Is Just The Beginning



    When Jesse Holley was signed on to the Dallas Cowboys' practice squad, it might have been read as a sizeable victory for the man himself, the team and Michael Irvin, creator of 4th and Long; in fact, for the most part, it was.

    But the former UNC basketball player doesn't see it that way. Not yet, at least.

    While Holley is exalted by gaining the respect of his teammates in Dallas, only a few minutes after yesterday's practice were necessary for it to become clear that he was not content to occupy a spot on the practice squad.

    "This is just the beginning," Holley said. "My plans aren't to stop here [on the] practice squad. I want to be on the field and I think I have the talent and the will, and the work ethic to get there. So I just want to take this time right here that I have, continue to work hard and continue to do whatever they need me to do to help this team become successful."

    Holley says his efforts in the preseason were bolstered by a supportive locker room, whose respect he earned after coming in, to many, as simply "The 4th and Long guy."

    "Guys, coming in from the show, they probably thought maybe this guy couldn't do it, through training camp, through preseason," Holley continued. "I think I gained a lot of respect from the guys and that's always a plus, when the guys rally around you and believe in you and trust you to help this team out.
    "That makes you want to go out there and work even harder because not only do you not want to let yourself down, but you don't want to let the other guys in this locker room, who are working just as hard as you, down either."