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Have Your Roget’s Dinosaurus Ready: Emmitt Smith Going on “Today”



    You’ve missed Emmitt Smith.  You’ve missed seeing him on TV, dismembering the English language with near surgical precision.  You wish he were still around, to help make your own grammatical shortcomings look like a stray piece of algae in the ocean by comparison.  You may dangle the occasional preposition, but Emmitt has you beat.  He can dangle conjunctions, interjections, and many other things you wouldn’t dare dream of doing.  Ever use the word “hostilate”?  Emmitt has.  He’s the master.

    Well, fire up your Roget’s Dinosaurus, because this Friday Emmitt comes back to TV on the Today Show.  (Video preview can be seen at the link provided)  It’s true!  Emmitt will join Matt Lauer and company for a tour of Cowboys Stadium in preparation for its debut on Sunday Night Football.  Lauer asks Smith for his initial reaction to walking into the new joint.  Here is Emmitt’s response:

    “I’m like, wow.”

    A thousand architecture critics in a thousand years could not come up with an assessment as concise and valid as that one.  But there’s more!  Lauer tells Smith, “Emmitt, I know you missed the game.  You already told me that.  I’m gonna let you have the chance to score a touchdown in the new Cowboys Stadium.”  And then Lauer throw the ball to Smith in what is almost certainly a highlight of Smith’s playing career on par with the time he single-handedly beat the Giants with a separated shoulder.

    So send the kids to school early and get ready for an early-morning treat.  If we’re lucky, Emmitt will be so good that NBC hires him and decides to leave Tiki Barber for dead!  What’s that?  They already left Tiki Barber for dead?  Nice.