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Gurode Comes To Romo's Defense



    Tony Romo was quick to scoop up the blame for Sunday night's 33-31 loss against New York, a game that saw Romo throw three interceptions (though only two were really his fault).

    Several of Romo's teammates came to his defense, though none with quite the vigor of center Andre Gurode, who vaguely resembles Rerun from What's Happening!! and has thrice gone to the Pro Bowl.

    "Tony's a fun-loving guy, like I was telling those guys before, he took this loss very personal," said Gurode. "It's not his fault, and it's not his responsibility to take the whole loss on his shoulders."

    Gurode continued, saying that, while accountability is a good thing, the blame for a loss is not to be placed on any one member of the team, with team being the operative word.

    "We are a team," said Gurode. "One person can't win or lose a game and we play for each other, and we will get better and we will correct this.

    "It's a big step for those guys, but it's really not their fault. It's not the fault of any one person to take the loss for the whole team. They may have made some mistakes, but we all made mistakes out there on the field, so...It is what it is. You can take it as a good sign, but at the same time, it shouldn't have to fall on those guys' shoulders, because we do play as a team."