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Goodell is the Only Hurdle for Josh Brent's Return to Cowboys Roster



    A good number of fans won't like this, but the only thing standing in the way of retired Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent being on the 2014 Cowboys roster is a reinstatement from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

    Jerry Jones owns the team and I was one of the few media members who stayed around long after practice had ended and all the players and coaches left the Oxnard practice field to listen to Jones talk Monday night.

    After 17 training camps I have learned you never know when Jerry may say "something."

    That "something" was Brent coming back to the club if he is cleared by the commissioner, who Brent will meet with Thursday. 

    Josh Brent to Meet With NFL Commissioner

    [DFW] Josh Brent to Meet With NFL Commissioner
    Josh Brent will meet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Thursday to try to get reinstated and rejoin the Dallas Cowboys.
    (Published Thursday, Aug. 7, 2014)

    "We would," Jones answered, when asked if he has a roster spot for the defensive tackle if he was cleared to play.

    Goodell will make the judgement call if Brent will be suspended or fined under the NFL's personal conduct policy.

    Brent did not play last season. He retired in July of 2013.

    Brent finished his 180 day jail sentence for the December 2012 intoxication manslaughter death of his best friend and teammate Jerry Brown Jr. in June. He applied for reinstatement to play in the NFL again June 16.

    Brown's mother has asked Jones and the Cowboys to continue to support Brent.  David Wells, and advisor to Cowboys Pro Bowl wide receiver Dez Bryant, has been working with Brent from the time he was arrested. 

    Wells has been able to have former Cowboy player Nate Newton speak with Brent frequently to have a supportive friend.

    Fans on Twitter have already voice frustration to me with the possible addition of Brent back on the Cowboys.

    This should not be a surprise. Jones has alluded to being open to Brent's return several times when asked about the former backup defensive tackle during training camp in Oxnard.