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Giving The Ball To Your Honey After A TD: Smooth or Smothering?



    If you watched the Cowboys systematically take apart the Bills Sunday, you no doubt witnessed the sequence where Bills wideout David Nelson scored a TD and then ran over to give the ball to his girlfriend, Cowboys cheerleader Kelsi Reich. (Video below)

    As far as post-TD player/cheerleader seduction goes, this one didn't quite rank up there with Boise State's Ian Johnson proposing to his girlfriend after winning the Fiesta Bowl. But still, it was a fun moment.

    OR WAS IT? Look again at the footage, people. Tell me that Reich doesn't look mortified to be handed that ball. Take it from a guy who has mortified any number of women in his life. Reich looked like someone just opened a horrible Christmas gift in front of the person giving it to them. I'm sure Nelson thought it was a romantic gesture to give the ball to his ladyfriend in front of everyone. But I don't think he stopped to consider the awkward position that put her in. Is she supposed to look happy that the opposing team scored? Is he unaware that Kelsi's boss is one of the most megalomaniacal men in all of sport? Doesn't he realize that fans would get all over her for this? YOU SEE HOW INSENSITIVE YOU WERE WITH YOUR KIND GESTURE, DAVID?

    Thankfully for Reich, Nelson didn't score again and the Cowboys had their best game of the season. But Reich's reaction makes me wonder what had happened if Nelson had pulled that stunt on a winning touchdown for Buffalo, with an angry Cowboys Stadium looking on. Tell me it would have been a wise move to single out your girlfriend in a moment of scrutiny like that. Nelson may have looked smooth out there, giving the ball to his lady. But I bet Reich would have preferred discretion. Sexy, sexy discretion. I give them two months.