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GAHHHHH!!! Romo May Hold For Field Goals Again



    Oh, I don’t like this idea one bit. From the AP:


    The Dallas Cowboys might have a new holder on kicks, a guy who made a costly flub the last time he tried -- Tony Romo.

    Romo practiced as the holder for kicker Nick Folk on Wednesday and might do it Sunday against the San Diego Chargers. He would replace punter Mat McBriar, whose hold on a costly missed field goal this past Sunday prompted kicker Nick Folk to throw up his arms in disgust.

    Before I get to the disaster-in-waiting that is Romo resuming holding duties, a question: What right does Nick Folk have to throw his arms up in disgust about anything? Nick Folk is a kicker, and a horrible one at that. Folk, be lucky you haven’t been ridden out of town on a defective monorail, Shaun Suisham-style.

    Now, onto Romo. I’ve never liked the idea of a starting QB being a holder. EVER. Having your franchise’s hands near a swooping foot going as fast as a golf club is never a good idea. Holding duties are strictly for punters and backup QBs. Can Jon Kitna not hold? Has he never tried it? Fine. Then FIRE JON KITNA. Bring in Vinny Testaverde, or someone with experience in the art of taking short snaps.

    It’s like the Cowboys are now openly telegraphing their collapse to the rest of the world. Why stop at letting Romo hold again? I have a few more ideas to make this year’s Cowboys meltdown the grandest yet! Let’s bring back TO for the last month! And why not promote Campo to co-head coach? Can we replace Folk with Chris Boniol? WHY NOT? And let’s have Flozell get called for holding on EVERY play, instead of just every other play. Why cut corners?

    Letting Romo hold again is the worst idea ever.