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“Friday Night Lights” Producers Are Cowboy HATERZZZ!



    I’m not a regular viewer of “Friday Night Lights,” though I’ve really liked it the handful of times I’ve watched. Everyone who watches it adores it, and I have no reason to doubt their loyalty. Plus, the show stars Connie Britton and Minka Kelly, and Connie Britton and Minka Kelly are so insanely hot, I can barely stand it. Plus, the show is about football! And Texas! FOOTBALL AND TEXAS AND HOT CHICKS FOR THE WIN!

    Ah, but there’s something nefarious going on with this show. If you don’t watch the show you may not know that Coach Taylor (played by Kyle Chandler) had a smug, ambitious offensive coordinator named Wade Aikman. That’s right. The bad guy’s name is Wade Aikman. I don’t know what’s more offensive to Cowboys fans: that the bad guy would have a Cowboys-inspired name, or that the show’s writers would dare conflate the team’s Hall of Fame QB with the goofy coach currently roaming the sideline. Now all I can do is picture a 300 lb. Troy Aikman. Thanks for that visual, you bastards.

    What’s worse, in last night’s premiere, New York Magazine reports that evil Wade Aikman takes over as head coach of Dillon High after coach Taylor gets the boot! FIENDS! Now Wade Aikman is an even more powerful bad guy!

    This is yet another example of blatant anti-Cowboys sentiment in the national media. I still remember watching “Loose Cannons” as a child and seeing Gene Hackman rocking a Redskins jacket. THAT’S A CLEAR BIAS!

    I suggest you Cowboys fans not take this lying down. That show has been struggling to stay on the air for years, so use it to your advantage. Write to Peter Berg (the show’s creator), and tell him you demand the bad guy’s name be changed to something like Donovan Reid, or Chet Manning, or Dan Snyderstein. Should they fail to comply, threaten to continue NOT watching the show. It’s not a real depiction of Texas if it’s got Cowboy hatin’ in it! We’ll see how long ol’ Wade Aikman sticks around after you’re done with him!