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Fourth Quarters Under Garrett Not Good



    In the 21 games with Jason Garrett as the Dallas Cowboys head coach, the red-headed Ivy Leaguer has compiled a 12-9 record after Sunday night's crushing, somewhat shocking loss to their NFC East foe New York Giants.

    But was it really all that shocking to watch the Cowboys blow a 12-point lead with around five minutes to play in the game that would've all but sealed the division title for the Cowboys had they won?

    Not when you look at Garrett's track record.

    Of his nine losses as a head coach, eight of them have seen the Cowboys blow a fourth-quarter lead.

    That's a ridiculous number, in case you were wondering.

    It can't all fall on Garrett, by any means, but a stat like that is a head coaching stat.

    Look back to last week's loss to the Arizona Cardinals, that one was squarely on Garrett's shoulders for his lack of time management skills.

    I'd tend to put the Giants loss more on the Cowboys inept defense than Garrett, but to see that trend continue is pretty disheartening and concerning for Cowboys fans.