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Follow Marty B To A Free Copy Of Madden NFL 10



    Chances are, if you live in Dallas, and are the sort of person to keep up with the Dallas Cowboys on a daily basis, you've heard once or twice about tight end Martellus Bennett's Twitter page.

    There is a good reason for this. Because it is usually hilarious.

    Last night, for example, the second-year Texas A&M product added commentary to an episode of The First 48, an A&E reality show that chronicles homicide detectives as they attempt to recreate a crime in--you guessed it--the first 48 hours after it occurs. In a manner that only he could pull off, Bennett critiqued both criminals and detectives as they attempted to sort out a given case.

    "Who takes the gun the [sic] used back to their house," Bennett tweeted. "That's jus dumb. Everyone should know that esp a criminal."

    Bennett continues, comparing the detectives on the show unfavorably to Monk, the television detective on USA's show of the same name, and adding, "The best way to beat a case is to be stupid rich."

    This is gold, people.

    But if that's not enough to convince you of the merits of his Twitter page, Bennett, yesterday, offered an extra incentive, declaring that he will give a free copy of Madden NFL 10 on PS3 to his 10,000th follower. "Can we get too [sic] 10,000 followers today. I will give out madden 10 on PS3 for the 10,000th follower," Bennett said.

    As I'm typing this, Bennett's followers number 9,708. So be patient. But not too patient.