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Five Questions: Cowboys vs. Packers



    Every Friday, we’ll tackle five big questions for the Cowboys going into the weekend’s game.

    1. The Packers are coming off two terrible losses and are on the verge of seeing their season go down the toilet. Should I be worried? Yup. If you follow the traditional axiom that, in the NFL, the desperate team always wins, then the Cowboys have quite a difficult Sunday in front of them. The Packers NEED this game. With the Vikings playing Detroit in a walkover, a loss to Dallas would all but seal Green Bay’s fate in the North. And fans are PISSED. The animosity Green Bay folks had towards Brett Favre for leaving has now been redirected at GM Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy for letting Favre walk. If the Packers go into the tank, both men could be doomed. So don’t expect the Packers to bow out quietly.

    All that said, Dallas is still the better team here. They’re better on the line of scrimmage, and they’re more consistent offensively than Green Bay. They SHOULD win this game, so it’ll be a mark of progress if they manage to avoid a letdown after the Philly win and take care of business.

    2. Can the Cowboys afford to lose this game? Kinda. Home games with Washington and Oakland await your Cowboys, and both those teams suck. They suck so badly, Red Zone Channel is threatening to boycott them. HOWEVAH, after those two would-be blowouts comes the final five-game stretch of the year, a brutal gauntlet that includes four winning teams, including the undefeated Saints. A win now against the Packers provides some nice cushioning should that final stretch go awry.

    3. Will Aaron Kampman play? No. He’s been ruled out with a concussion. PARTAY!

    4. Who’s calling this game? Once again, it’s your friendly tandem of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. Goodness gracious, do these guys ever NOT do a Cowboys game? Do they both own weekend homes in Arlington or something? I don’t want to say putting Aikman on every Cowboys telecast whiffs of impropriety, but FOX IS TOTALLY IN THE TANK FOR THE DOUBLE J’S BOYS.

    5. The Cowboys have won four straight. Romo’s playing great. Wade and company and doing a good coaching job. Everything is going so well. GAHHHH I’M NOT COMFORTABLE WITH THIS MUCH SUCCESS! PLEASE TELL ME THIS ISN’T THE BEGINNING OF THE END! We’ll see, friends. We shall see.