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Five Questions: Cowboys vs. Eagles



    Every Friday, we’ll tackle five big questions for the Cowboys going into the weekend’s game.

    1. If the Cowboys lose badly tomorrow, will Wade get canned? No. I’m staying consistent with what I’ve said all week. Wade has done enough to ensure that he’ll be back next year, regardless of what happens out there. The only way he could possibly get canned is if the team loses AND Wade is caught eating churros on the sideline while wasting a timeout AND Wade is caught trapping Adam James in an electrical closet AND Wade gets into a gun standoff with a Dallas player over a gambling debt. But that won’t happen. WILL IT?!

    2. Can we officially crown the Cowboys NFC favorites if they win? I say no. They’d still have to win, likely, two road games to get to the Super Bowl. I know Deion says that whoever wins this game will be going to the Super Bowl. But Minny has looked quite good for the past game and a half. And you never know if New Orleans will decide to start being New Orleans again. I wouldn’t buy ticket to Miami just yet.

    3. Everyone is picking the Cowboys. I’M SCARED. That’s a very natural reaction to things. It’s nice to see Cowboys fans, after the failures of the past decade, become somewhat humbled. It’s nothing like it was in the Jimmy Johnson days. Man, you people were terrible back then. I like you insecure.

    4. What’s the one thing that could ruin us against the Eagles? Terence Newman getting schooled by DeSean Jackson or Jeremy Maclin. Typically, the Eagles win when they get off to a hot start. If they score right off the bat, you know they’re good for the day. But if the Eagles sputter at the start, they usually struggle to turn things around. That’s just how the Eagles work.

    5. I’M DRUNK ALREADY! Me too. Welcome back to the playoffs. Here we go….