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Five Questions: Cowboys vs. Eagles



    Every Friday, we’ll tackle five big questions for the Cowboys going into the weekend’s game.

    1. Should I bet the over? Oh, yes. I suspect this game will turn out more like the first time these two met last year, instead of the horrible second time they met, which you have now thoroughly purged from your memory. That first game was a 41-37 Cowboys win that was a delight to watch from beginning to end. Now, both teams come into this affair even better on offense than they were in that particular contest. DeSean Jackson has grown into the most dangerous wideout in the NFC. Brent Celek has emerged as a great pass catching TE. And Jeremy Maclin has also contributed. The Cowboys answered with Miles Austin and a full complement of explosive backs. Plus, Tony Romo appears to have rounded back into 2007 form. All signs point to a scoring carnival.

    2. Will the Cowboys finally get a quality road win? They could. The Eagles are a healthy 9-3 at home over the past season and a half. They only tend to lay eggs once out on the road (Oakland and Cincy, to be precise), if you throw out the rout they suffered at the hands of New Orleans, since McNabb didn’t play. The Cowboys get a break with weather, since temperatures at the Linc are expected to be in the 50’s around kickoff. Regardless, if they pull this one out, I think you can declare them one of the NFC’s elite teams.

    3. Do I get free green beans if a punt hits a cloud? No.

    3. BONUS THIRD QUESTION: Hey that Vick experiment proved to be incredibly pointless, didn’t it? Sure did! I think Philly fans can officially boo whenever they see Vick trot onto the field now. Not because he kills dogs, but because he sucks.

    4. So is Al Michaels hair a weave, a combover, a rug, or a transplant? I say weave. I thought I’d have a better answer to this question after seeing the man in HD, but I’m no closer to the truth. It kinda looks like a combover, but there’s too much substance to it. It kinda looks like a rug, but it doesn’t cover up his receding hairline, which a rug would normally do. It kinda looks like a transplant, but I don’t see the pegholes (ever seen transplanted hair up close? Nauseating). I say he mixes dryer lint into his natural hair to get that look.

    5. WE COULD BE LEADING THE NFC EAST BY OURSELVES COME MONDAY MORNING! HOLY MOLY! Do I dare get excited about this team, or are they simply setting me up to tear my heart into pieces and leave me for dead? Hey, that’s just a risk you’re gonna have to take.