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Five Questions: Cowboys vs. Chiefs



    Every Friday, we’ll tackle five big questions for the Cowboys going into the weekend’s game.

    1. The Cowboys can’t possibly lose this game, right? Of course they can. Let’s be clear: the Chiefs stink, and Dallas will more than likely win. But remember: the Chiefs put up a fight against the Ravens, and you never know when an 0-4 team will sack up and decide it doesn’t want to be 0-4 anymore. In many ways, the Cowboys represent a perfect foil for the Chiefs: a talented but mentally fragile team that seems to play worse when the pressure it at its highest. And pressure is quite high on Wade Phillips and company this week. The fact that the Cowboys SHOULD win is just another weight on the team’s tender shoulders.

    2. If they lose, is that the end of Wade? No. It should be, but I doubt Wade will be relieved of duties this early in the year. Regardless of how enticing the possibility is, canning your coach during the year is tantamount to surrendering the season in the NFL. Interim coaches NEVER turn things around. The players know the season is a lost cause, they go into shutdown mode, and everything becomes all about next year. So I don’t think Jerry Jones is ready to pull the trigger just yet, not with six dates left in that giant stadium. Then again, Wade is merely the head coach in name only. Firing him is like firing your defensive coordinator. Your goofy, dopey defensive coordinator.

    3. If Tony Romo plays terribly, will he be benched for Kitna? No. I know Romo has been awful at times, but you have to remember that Kitna is like an older, more turnover prone version of Romo. It’s not a good idea.

    4. If it comes down to the wire, and I see the Cowboys pass the ball to Sam Hurd to win, or throw a fade route to Marty B, is it legal for me to strangle Jason Garrett with raw twine? Yes. It’s right here in my imaginary book of Awesome Texas Self-Defense Laws.

    5. Hey, how did we get stuck with Buck and Aikman again? Shouldn’t they be calling a GOOD game? Good point. And it’s October. Shouldn’t Buck be acting bored and indifferent at a BASEBALL game this time of year?