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Five Questions: Cowboys vs. Chargers



    Every Friday, we’ll tackle five big questions for the Cowboys going into the weekend’s game.

    1. The Chargers have won seven in a row. The Cowboys can’t win in December. What’s the opposite expression of “Something’s gotta give”? I’m not sure about that. Maybe, “Something obvious will give and we all know what that something is”? That might work.

    2. Should I even watch this game? Well, of course you should. You aren’t a true fan if you don’t tune in. Although I do hear that “Up In The Air” is quite good. It’s going to win lots of awards, you know. Also, the Cowboys don’t blow a division lead in it.

    3. STOP BEING SO NEGATIVE! THIS TEAM IS 8-4 AND PLAYING AT HOME. THEY CAN STILL WIN THIS, YOU KNOW! Indeed they can. And if they do, it’ll do wonders for their confidence going into the final stretch. With the Saints on deck, a win against San Diego would give this team the confidence to know they can go to the Superdome and end the Saints winning streak. Wins against the Cowboys and Chargers would also solidify Dallas as a legitimate threat to win the NFC, especially with the Vikings falling so terribly last week.

    While the Chargers are a formidable opponent, it’s not like they’re the greatest team on Earth. They won their last seven games by beating the likes of KC, Oakland, and Cleveland. Not exactly a murderer’s row of opponents, unless you are the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Chargers are a terrible running team, and they have plenty of defensive issues. If the Cowboys can get to Rivers early (and they have the talent to do so), and they can take advantage of San Diego’s lack of pass rush (and they have the talent to do that, as well), then there’s no doubt they can win this game and win it in impressive fashion.

    What’s frustrating about these Cowboys is that, while they have the tools to be dominant, they so rarely are, even in victory. And, by Week 14 of the season, you are who you are, as Bill Parcells used to say in between big bites of a chili dog.

    4. Will Mike Scifres hit the TV? I dunno. Who cares anymore?

    5. Why do you call Philip Rivers Marmalard? Don’t question it. Just know he HATES that nickname, so be sure to shout it as loud and as often as possible.