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So Jerry Really Isn’t Going to Fire Wade? Really?



    Every Friday, we’ll tackle five big questions for the Cowboys going into the weekend, whether they’re on a bye or not!

    1. So Jerry really isn’t going to fire Wade? Really? I guess not. You heard it from the plastic-faced horse’s mouth: "Two years ago the Giants were seemingly not in disarray, but they were in trouble… It was also absolutely expected that something was going to happen with the coach, [Tom] Coughlin. ... Well, that same year they won the Super Bowl. You've got to be mindful that this is a long, long journey. ... A lot can happen from the beginning to the end."

    I appreciate the Double J’s sound reasoning here. And, in most circumstances, that kind of long-term thinking is correct. But there’s a big difference between Wade Phillips and Tom Coughlin.

    Tom Coughlin, back during that Giants season, was regarded as a coach who had worn out his welcome. He wasn’t accused of SUCKING, as is the standard complaint with Wade. And Coughlin certainly projects authority on a sideline. Can’t say that for Wade, either. So what we have here is Jerry Jones using logic that would be sound if ANYONE but Wade Phillips were the head coach. Fun!

    2. Will not playing help the Cowboys this week? It could! We all know Philly will destroy Oakland on Sunday. But the Giants have that enormous game against New Orleans. Lose that, and the Cowboys are only a game and a half behind them in the standings. Well, two and a half games, given the loss to New York in Week 3. Still, there’s nothing sweeter than getting ahead even though you did nothing to deserve it. Ask any investment banker.

    3. Rush Limbaugh wasn’t allowed to buy the St. Louis Rams! DO WE EVEN LIVE IN AMERICA ANYMORE? I’m not sure, children. Hold me. And sell me a gun.

    4. Will Tony Romo use the bye week to work diligently on his mechanics, on making better play fakes, and holding onto the ball? You bet.

    5. Really? Nah. Just kidding. He’s in Cabo, sucking tequila out of his ladyfriend’s bellybutton. WHO ELSE WANTS TO PARTY, AMIGOS?!