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First Half Musings



    *Dallas has shown early that the three-headed running attack can, and will, be utilized to the fullest. Marion Barber has six carries at the half. Felix Jones has four. Tashard Choice had two. They've all proven to be effective, and Dallas has proven to trust these guys in various situations. This is good.

    *Tony Romo is a bit off. These aren't huge, SportsCenter-worthy mistakes, but small mistakes that can be a palpable hindrance to the offense. He missed a possibly huge play when he overthrew Miles Austin, and a touchdown when he threw an ill-timed, off-target fade to Martellus Bennett. This is bad.

    * Dallas is getting penetration with a fair consistency on defense, but sloppy tackling has made this a moot point. That is, they're getting there, but not executing behind enemy lines. Hey, speaking of sloppy tackling...

    * I know it's early in the season--really early, actually--but the tackling has been immoderately sloppy.

    *Cadillac Williams is really good. Probably really underrated, too, and he's dicing up Dallas' defense, Benihana-style.

    *I feel like Gerald Sensabaugh is going to be a difference-maker this year, on speacial teams and on defense.

    *Seeing DeMarcus Ware go down in the first quarter was more than a little scary, conjuring images of Boobie Miles in Friday Night Lights. Luckily, it wasn't serious, and he returned a series later.