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FOX Apologizes (Poorly) For Jessica Simpson Fat Jokes



    If you were with us on Monday, you may recall the story of FOX and Burger King airing a pregame cartoon that made repeated fun of Jessica Simpson’s weight at Tony Romo’s expense. People were shocked, disgusted, and horrified. And those were just the people who have tried Burger King’s chicken fries.

    Obviously, spending three minutes or so ripping on a girl’s weight isn’t going to endear you to many womenfolk out there. The reaction to BK and FOX’s little cartoon was swift and brutal (all comments sic):


    Shame on the NFL and Burger King. Just mean and cruel and tasteless…

    Making fun of a woman's weight will only encourage young girls that it doesn't matter what is inside…

    Absolutley tastless. Kinda sums up Burger King and its ad. That's cool though, I would rather eat at Whataburger anyway…

    It was a totally horrible commercial! anyone involved should be ashamed!!…

    Jeez, give the poor girl a break! Insult the Cowboys themselves, they deserve it. She doesn't. Leave her alone….

    That's why I won't eat at Burger King! They are a British held company. And believe me, besides having bad teeth, they have a weird sense of humor! Imagine a slew of Julia Childs running around over there!

    Actually, Julia Child was from Pasadena. But who am I stop angry people when they’re on a roll?

    Anyway, FOX and BK have heard your derisive jeers, America. Today, they apologized for the skit:


    Fox issued a statement saying, "Burger King did not have any editorial input in the creation of the animation that ran last Sunday, and no one from Burger King Corp., approved it before it aired.

    "Upon reflection, our poor attempt at humor was insensitive, and we deeply apologize to anyone who might have been offended."

    I’m stunned. People at FOX are bad at humor? That’s not what expected from the network that gave us 32 seasons of “Til Death.” Oh, FOX. Will you ever learn from the lessons of the Apologist’s Handbook? You NEVER add that “anyone who might have been offended” clause to any public apology. That all but destroys any chance you have of coming across as sincere. “Sorry to all you tightasses out there. But for those of you who love fatty jokes, HOPE YOU ENJOYED!”

    As for Burger King, many corporations will sign media buy deals that allow the media host (FOX, in this case) to create content for them. But usually, this content almost always gets reviewed by the client before going to air. Which means the folks at Burger King are either poor liars or terribly sloppy with their handiwork. Not the sort of people you want in charge of making your Whopper.