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Enhanced Pat-Downs Kick Off Cowboys Season Home Opener



    Enhanced pat-downs will now be a part of the Cowboys Stadium experience.

    Along with bag checks and a pat-down from the waist up, security workers will also pat-down fans from the knees to ankles.

    The new security procedure is a recommendation from the NFL to all 32 teams to keep fans safe.

    But some hardcore football fans said they aren't too fond of security workers fumbling around in their personal space.

    Frisking Before Football

    [DFW] Frisking Before Football
    Fans attending the first football game of the season at Dallas Cowboys Stadium are going through enhanced pat-downs from the waste down to the ankles.
    (Published Monday, Sept. 26, 2011)

    "I think it's getting a little carried away with the pat-downs," Mike Westfalo said.

    For others, an extra pat-down means peace of mind.

    "You can never have too much security," Erica Brenton said.

    Some fans say the enhanced pat-downs resemble a trip to the airport.

    "Pretty soon, they'll have a metal detector and you'll buzz and have to go back through," Westfalo said.

    The NFL won't tie the new security rules to any particular incident, but the changes come after a Cowboys fan was arrested for using a stun gun on a Jets fan at MetLife Stadium earlier this month.

    Critics of the move say it's an invasion of privacy and will only work to cause more delays. But others said more security measures are a welcome move.

    "You pay a lot of money, you want to see your team play and you want to be in a safe environment," Brenton said.

    The NFL advises fans to arrive early.

    "What's a pat-down, 30 seconds? I'd rather be safe -- take 30 seconds out of my life and know that everybody's got to go through the same thing," said Damon Balesteri, a Cowboys fan from Chicago in town to watch the game.

    Kickoff is at 7:30 p.m.