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McNabb: Vick is a "Gimmick"



    When Michael Vick signed with the Eagles last month, ample questions emerged concerning Donovan McNabb, his history of being slightly insecure (justifiably so, perhaps), and Michael Vick's role in the offense. These were silenced in great part because McNabb then went out of his way to make sure anyone and everyone knew that he not only was OK with the deal, but that he actually suggested it to head coach Andy Reid.

    But it's still August, and this old insecurity has reared its ugly head once more.

    Via Pro Football Talk via the Philadelphia Inquirer, McNabb suggested, ostensibly, that Vick's role thus far in the offense is a 'gimmick.'

    "Before you can come up with gimmicks, before you can come up with something else, you've got to get your base offense going," McNabb said in the Inquirer.

    The statement came in response to a question concerning Vick's role, whether McNabb would be more comfortable with Vick taking entire series under center or intermittent snaps. McNabb probably has a valid point here, and his sentiment reinforces what many critics of the deal said in the first place. That this deal, regardless of the merits of giving a guy a second chance, doesn't really make much sense.

    Philadelphia was a talented team before Vick, and they are still a talented team; probably moreso, in fact. But McNabb's complaint makes one wonder if this was a bad case of fixing something that was never broken.