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Drew Pearson Isn't a Big Dez Bryant Fan



    Everyone in the world may have decided to make Sunday night's loss all about Tony Romo, but Drew Pearson isn't having any of that.

    The former Cowboys receiver was keeping a close eye on the guy wearing the same jersey number that Pearson wore when he was making the team's Ring of Honor and he didn't like what he saw. Dez Bryant might have dominated the first quarter of the game, but Pearson was more taken by the shortcomings he saw later in the contest.

    "The first quarter was spectacular. Great job, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. But now we need you in the fourth quarter and you can't even run? You catch three passes in the first quarter and then you get targeted five times after that and you don't make any catches?"

    Pearson went on to slam Bryant's conditioning, the fact that he got hurt last season and his taste in music. Well, not the taste in music but we're sure Pearson wouldn't have had a single nice thing to say about that either. 

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    Pearson didn't mention Darrelle Revis when he talks about how often Bryant was targeted after he schooled Antonio Cromartie in the first quarter, although admitting that Bryant wasn't running patterns against air would have only served to undermine his little rant. It's much more effective to put all of the blame on Bryant and then mock him than it is to offer any kind of constructive advice about what a receiver can do to overcome a difficult time in the game.

    Of course, you'd need to know how to overcome such difficulties and Pearson couldn't possibly add anything to that conversation. He walked on water, you know. Pearson did concede that Romo made a mistake on Revis' interception, but even that came with a side dish of Bryant hate.

    "Dez's first move was a jump, a hop-step. What is that. That's one second gone from the pass route. I mean, what is that? Come on. Yeah, he's raw. He's a monster. That's what monsters do, I guess. You see that in high school kids running routes like that."

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    We get it, Bryant needs to do a better job.

    There's an episode of The Sopranos where Tony tells Paulie that "remember when" is the lowest form of conversation. That's what comes to mind when you hear Pearson or any other old-timer spit this kind of vitriol about a player in the league today.

    Everything Pearson says comes off sounding like an old guy complaining that things were better back in their day. Players were tougher, they ran better routes and whatever else it takes to keep his tiny violin that makes it seem like your voice matters. His concern isn't Bryant and it isn't the Cowboys, it is Drew Pearson and making sure that his legacy is secure.