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Drama! Cattiness! McBriars! What To Expect From “Football Wives”



    Before your Dallas Cowboys take on the New York Giants Monday Night in a last-ditch attempt to save their horrid season, you may have forgotten a very crucial piece of Cowboys-related programming that debuts the night before. I’m talking, of course, about “Football Wives,” VH1’s new reality show that is a spinoff of their “Basketball Wives” reality show, which was in turn a reality remake of “Footballers’ Wives,” a dramatized British show about soccer WAGS. You have all that straight? Good. Now’s let get to the cattiness.

    The new show is set and Dallas and features the wives and girlfriends of several Dallas players. Among them:

    -Amanda Davis, wife of Leonard Davis

    -Brittany Pigrenet, girlfriend of David Buehler

    -Erin McBriar, married to Mat McBriar

    Also in the fold are the wives of Deion Sanders and Rocket Ismail, because why not. I chanced upon an advanced review of the show from Media Life. Would you like some details? Of course you would.


    The alpha female seems to be Amanda Davis, a classic big blonde whose husband, Leonard, is a guard for the Cowboys.

    Amanda drives what looks like the front of an 18-wheeler and lives in a sequin-filled mansion decorated with a giant photo of herself.

    She seems grounded.


    Amanda throws a Bible-study party at which her pastor preaches for three hours.

    That sounds like a rager, does it not? But this show is about more than showcasing how well Leonard Davis is paid to kind of suck. Two of the wives are married to guys currently playing in the UFL and struggling to make ends meet. The disparity between how Amanda Davis lives and how George Foster’s wife lives is bound to make you think about how many players out there struggle to become filthy rich and come up far short. Or it’ll cause KILLER catfights. One or other, preferably the latter.

    Media Life said the show was quite good, and recommended it over Bravo’s “Real Housewives” series. For you, the Cowboys fan, I’m sure you’ll enjoy nothing more than another added dose of publicity for a team that doesn’t deserve any of it at this moment. The show premieres at 10:30 Sunday night.