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Docs Want Irving to Blow Up Kraft Stadium Implosion



    A group of doctors are out to make the demolition of Texas Stadium a little less cheesy.

    The implosion of the 39-year-old venue, scheduled for daybreak on April 11, is currently being sponsored by Kraft Foods. According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, this sends the wrong message. As such, they have called on Irving Mayor Herbert Gears to pull the sponsorship in a letter.

    "Instead," the letter reads, "please consider our counteroffer: We'll give $75,000 in cash to the city of Irving if you draw attention to the obesity epidemic by draping a banner across Texas Stadium with the headline "Cheese Really Blows You Up" and an illustration of an obese man gorging on cheese."

    The significance of this figure is that it equals the amount set to be given to the city by Kraft, and subsequently distributed among local charities; in addition, Kraft will donate $75,000 worth of food to area food banks. The PCRM claims that the company is using the spectacle to market unhealthy food--namely the new macaroni-and-cheese product which will be at the forefront of the proceedings on April 11--to "children in the midst of an obesity epidemic."

    But with about a month until the demolition, the PCRM's efforts may prove too little, too late. Gears said in a statement Monday that the city is locked into a contract with the food giant, but that they will (obviously) accept further donations to Irving-area charities.

    "The city of Irving wanted to create a sponsorship of the implosion of Texas Stadium that would directly help people in our community," said Gears. "This sponsorship was open to anyone, and Kraft stepped forward. The Kraft brand has many fine products, and they have been a good partner to work with on this historic event. I am proud that 100 percent of the funds and products generated through this sponsorship will allow us to help many people in our community, providing them food, clothing, shelter and other assistance.

    "We have already entered into a contract with Kraft, but any donations from other organizations to Irving charities are certainly welcome."