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Do-Over Ruling Already A Point Of Contention



    The do-over rule with regards to the JerryTron, announced this morning, has already begun ruffling some feathers across the league, a fairly predictable manifestation of a rule that, despite careful wording in the league memo that might have you believe otherwise, pertains to only one of thirty-two stadiums in the league.

    Speaking to Pro Football Talk, one league source said, "It's laughable. It's absolute bulls**t."

    "Who screwed up?" the source continued.  "There needs to be public accountability for this mistake. . . .  The league and the Cowboys are sweeping the whole thing under the rug."

    The rule, as far as I can tell, operates on the assumption that a punt which finds its way to the JerryTron will be a rarity; the exception and not the rule. And perhaps it will. But the possibility alone of the game being affected (tainted?) by the video board is enough to cause a minor tremor in league circles; thus the (justififable) suggestion that the rule is "bulls**t."

    As Blue-Star's own Josh Alper points out this morning, there are myriad scenarios in which the game would be changed in some manner by the albatross over Arlington, likely spawning pitchfork-wielding lynch mobs and scores of pissed off opposing teams.

    These scenarios are very real, very possible, and explanatory of (a) the disillusionment and anger amongst league insiders that is already beginning to surface, and (b) why our esteemed Commish used such open language to wrap up his statement this morning, which concluded, "we will continue to work closely with the club on a longer term resolution."

    Given the wave of scathing indictments of the initial announcement already visible--in August, no less, and mere hours after the decision was announced--that's probably a good idea.