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Ditka: Ireland Deserved A "Whack" In The Head



    There's little doubt that Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland crossed a line when, during a pre-draft visit, he asked Dez Bryant whether his mother was a prostitute. Bryant, who was Dallas's first round pick in last week's draft, said he held his anger in check at the time; if it had been Cowboys and Bears great Mike Ditka in that room, however, things might have gone a little differently. 

    In an interview with 790 AM radio in Miami, Ditka said he would not have blamed Bryant if he had tried to issue five across the eyes of Ireland. 

    "I think the individual who asked that question, somebody ought to whack him in the head,'' Ditka said. "You don't ask that question. If you think you know it, you know.

    "What are you going to confront a young man with that situation for? He probably loves his mother no matter what she is or who she is. Why would somebody do that? I don't understand things like that," Ditka said.

    The host of the show, Dan LeBatard, then asked Ditka if he would have blamed Bryant if he would have tried to hit Ireland.

    "I wouldn't have,'' Ditka said. "The general manager probably deserved it."

    Ditka, who won Super Bowls as a player, an assistant and a head coach in the NFL, said he understands the need for far-reaching information before the draft; still, he believes that the line of questioning given Bryant was completely out of line.

    "Maybe I'm naive or I'm old. I don't understand that," Ditka said. "Why? What do you get from asking that question? What's it all about? Every bit of information has to be spread out on the table now? Is that it? Everybody's dirty linen has to be out? I disagree with that. I'm sorry."

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