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Did Vince Young Really Ask For Eight Grand To Make It Rain?



    The Cowboys are traveling to Philly this week for a crucial showdown against the Eagles, and one of the minor participants in this showdown will be Vince Young, still beloved in the state of Texas despite spending the past three years as a walking punchline. Young will be backing up Mike Vick on Sunday Night Football, and he'll have plenty on his mind as he totes the clipboard, namely this civil lawsuit from a Dallas-area strip club manager:


    (Creiton) Kinchen, a manager at Club Onyx in Dallas, says he refused to convert $8,000 off Young's credit card into single dollar bills for tip money.

    Kinchen alleges that Young punched him in the face after being denied the request. And hey, who wouldn't be angry? You had a long, hard day pouting on the sidelines and all you want is to go to one of Dallas' finest gentleman's establishments, get EIGHT THOUSAND $1 bills, and make it rain on some ladies. Who's some jerky strip club manager to deny you such pleasures?

    Anyway, Young was charged for misdemeanor assault in this case a year ago, and if you recall, there was video of the altercation. There's no sound on the video, so it's impossible to know if Young actually made such an absurd request. All we can see is a dude in a black suit approaching Young and clearly complaining about something, perhaps like so: "Dude, $8,000 in singles? What do you think this looks like, a bank?"

    Then, at the 1:25 mark, the tape abruptly jump cuts and we see Young pushing back against two men who appear to be in his face. Because the tape cuts, it's impossible to tell who exactly is provoking who. Keep in mind, this is a strip club, and most men abandon all semblance of intelligence and good judgment the moment they walk through the door. Young doesn't throw a single punch on camera. He shoves one guy in the neck, pushes another, and then goes to the end of the room to throw down with the man in the black suit. You can see Young's arm reaching out, but whether or not he's got a closed fist is up for debate.

    Either way, the tape didn't do wonders for Young's reputation, and the claim about making it rain puts him squarely in Pacman Jones territory. This is just another in a long line of gaffes from Young over the past year (talking about Philly as a "Dream Team" and throwing a horrible pick against Washington also drew notice). If Vick gets injured Sunday night, perhaps Vince will be able to atone for all this madness. But don't bet on it.