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Dez Critics Draw Keyshawn's Ire



    It's been a contentious year for former Dallas Cowboys' receivers employed by "the Worldwide Leader," ESPN.

    First, Michael Irvin was fired from his show on ESPN Radio 103.3 a day after a woman accused the Hall of Famer of rape. Irvin was never charged with anything, and in his subsequent media address, he made his feelings concerning his former employer clear, praising the NFL Network--who retained Irvin through the proceedings--in comparison.

    Now, it's Keyshawn Johnson whose feathers have been ruffled.

    Johnson has taken issue with an unnamed colleague who reportedly said that Dez Bryant--the former Oklahoma State receiver who was suspended for most of 2009 for lying to an NCAA investigator concerning his relationship with Deion Sanders--would experience a drop in stock due to character questions.

    "He's getting hit with a lot of stuff that doesn't have anything to do with who he is as an individual. It's OK for Colt McCoy to hang out with the Manning family and work out with them, but as soon as Deion hangs out with Dez Bryant, it's an issue. What kind of double standard is that?''
    Johnson said that he hopes Bryant goes to Miami, where he'll join Bill Parcells, Johnson's mentor and the Dolphins' executive vice president of football operations.