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Deion Sanders Thinks Jerry Will "Probably" Sign Manziel

The Browns are planning on cutting Manziel in March



    Deion Sanders Thinks Jerry Will "Probably" Sign Manziel
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    Despite a series of reports that would suggest the exact opposite, on Friday, Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders told that Jerry Jones will “probably” sign embattled Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel.

    Why, you ask?

    "Jerry will probably pick him up because Jerry has been a haven for players with tribulations. Jerry has saved lives that he does not get the credit for," Sanders said. "Jerry could help Johnny. There's so many different instances that this has happened, that Jerry has really helped guys. If it wasn't for Jerry Jones, Dez Bryant probably wouldn't be in the league. So this has Jerry written all over it, and he has the infrastructure to really help this kid.’'

    Sanders is right that Jones has always loved reclamation projects, but at this juncture, we’d say “probably” is a huge stretch.

    Manziel was already almost certainly going to be released by the Browns at the earliest juncture they’re allowed to release him, in March, but after a series of reports that detail some ugly incidents involving his girlfriend, it could be awhile before Manziel will be on a football field again at all.